Cavalor, When the result counts…..
Over the past 20 years, Cavalor has built an international reputation as the world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses. Today, Cavalor products are sold and used in 50 countries by champion riders like Adam Cramer, Jos Lansink, Eric Lamaze, Anky Van Grunsven and Steffen Peters, Ludo Philippaerts, among many others. Cavalor products include a complete line of feed, supplement and care products. All are the result of years of intense research and development, thorough testing, selection of the highest quality ingredients, strict manufacturing and quality control processes. It has been known for a long time that proper nutrition is a key element of human performance in any sport. No one would expect an athlete to compete at the Olympics if only fed a diet of hamburgers, French fries and soda.
The same is true of horses. It is even more important to take great care of the diet of athletic horses, since they neither choose to compete nor select the food they eat. We do! And as such, we are entirely responsible for their well being.
To compete at the highest level, the demands on both riders and horses are extreme. In a single year, a top level rider- horse team may compete in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and, as in 2008 for the Olympic Games, Asia.
Even at more modest levels of competition, the seasons are long, the required training strenuous and injuries frequents.
At Cavalor, for 20 years we have help thousands and thousands of riders understand this very simple equation:
Proper Nutrition and Care = Top Level Performance
As a result, Cavalor has been able to attract the most prestigious and visible representatives of the equestrian disciplines with one single asset: a set of products that work as advertised, truly improve, in a measurable way, the performance and well-being of champion horses and provide standards of quality unequaled anywhere in the world.
Cavalor is proud to count among its customers, supporters and endorsers an impressive line-up of World Champions, Olympic Champions, World Cup winners and other champion riders. The success of these athletes is, in large part, derived from the continuous health and performance of their equine partners. And it is a great testimonial to the Cavalor brand that so many of them rely on our products to compete at the highest level.
No other equine nutrition company in the world can claim to have won the simultaneous endorsement of top athletes such as Adam Cramer, Jos Lansink, Ludo Philippaerts, Anky Van Grunsven, Steffen Peters, Eric Lamaze, Ian Millar, Bernard Fonck, Ann Poels, Rachel Jaumotte and many others. This kind of support is not an accident. These champions all want to win...and they rely on Cavalor to help them do that.

No matter how great or effective a company may think its products are, the true test, the acid test, is that of the marketplace. It is particularly true in a market where a multitude of companies claim to have “products that really work”. In recent years, the equine nutrition world has seen a lot of companies, big and small, enter the fray, introduce a line of products and try to make a name for themselves. Many have tried and very few have succeeded. In the end, what matters is who uses your products, why they use them, what they say about them and what commitment they make to your brand.